of the International Raceboard Class Association Date: Friday 26th August 2016 Venue: Brest, Brittany, France
The location of the meeting room will be published on the event official notice board.
The meeting will be scheduled to start after the ID2CA AGM, at approximately 21:00hrs.

1. Welcome and registration of voting delegates and email votes

If you have not yet paid the 2016 class fees contact -

3. Chairman's Report

4. Financial Statement

There are a number of proposals to change Class Rules, all with the aim of increasing participation by more brands/builders. Changes, if approved by the AGM, will require World Sailing approval before being implemented.

5.1 – It is proposed to keep the Production Board Rule (CR A.9.1) but to reduce the requirement from 50 boards to 25 boards.
A proposal from the Class Chairman, Paul Leone.

5.2.1 To change the current A.9.1 and B.1 articles of IRC rules discussing registered
boards. This change consists to authorize the custom boards respecting a rule box
with the current specifications that qualify a board by the raceboard class but
without the necessity to produce at least 50 identical boards to expect a

5.2.2 To change the current C.5.3. article of IRCA Class rules discussing Hull weight by: The hull weight including footstraps, centreboard, fin and air ventilation screw shall not be less than 15kg.

5.2.3 Not valid – see CR C.1.2.

5.3 – 3 proposals from ESP Raceboard Class Association.

5.3.1 Proposal 1

5.3.2 Proposal 2 : including Appendix A and Appendix B

5.3.3 Proposal 3

6. Class Championship Rules (CCR) – No proposals received.

7. Constitution
It is proposed to amend #6.5 by adding - "Amendments to the Constitution and Class Rules require a two thirds majority of votes present".

8. Future Championships and venues

9. Any Other Business

Each national association member has one vote at the AGM and is invited to send a delegate.

Those members unable to send a delegate can submit a proxy vote mandate.

Delegate nominations & proxy mandates shall be sent to IWA Office by 24th August.
Email comments from national class associations and raceboard sailors are welcomed; please forward emails to –