Racing is ON

It was a big day for the Division II sailors today with their first international regatta in a long time.

That, and the fact, that due to lack of wind, the first race was postponed 3 times, built the atmosphere of the day. Wind picked around 15:00 and all the sailors were called out onto the water.

2 races were sailed for the DII, both won by Nicolas le Gal from France. Two of his teammates follow with Alain Cadre on 6 points and Gilles Tanguy on 7.

Although the DII go a little slower on their smaller sails than the Raceboarders they are really fun to watch. Just check out the start of the first race below:

The Raceboard men also managed to sail two races and it was the defending champion Nicolas Huguet, who’s on two bullets. Toni Colomar Torres and Curro Manchon from Spain are second and third overall and will look to take Nicolas lead tomorrow.

Although only one race was held for the women it wasn’t one without a history. Jeanne Mailhos from France came in strong after her twelve (12) year break in racing! Winning the first! Farah Hall from USA and Anto Dominguez Balilla are second and third respectively.

And here is Jeanne’s reaction after the win:

After tomorrows racing the organisers have a great treat planned for all the contestants. The whole fleet is going into town for the welcoming party of the French sailing Olympic medalists. Everybody is looking forward to that.

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