The Raceboard Europeans concludes

The Raceboard and Division II European Championships have concluded in Brest, France with 90 competitors from 15 countries having entered the event. The biggest fleet was the Raceboard Men, but most importantly it was very good to see a strong Youth representation at the event. A sign that Raceboard can be attractive to sailors of all ages.

It was a tricky regatta for the race committee with the wind, or lack of it, making it difficult to conduct all planned races. The words used by the locals to describe the situation were: “bizarre” and “heat wave”, which more or less explains the metrological conditions faced on the water. Only two races were sailed on the first three days of the event, but the race committee was able to bring this number up to 9 total races on the last two days for DII and Raceboard Men. Women finished with 8 starts. 

It was a comeback to international racing for the DII. Many aspects of the class are unique within it. Measuring for example. Some boards have lost weight over the years, which is not very common for today’s equipment, but as it happens the hollow construction of a DII may behave in such a way, when well kept care of.

What’s more some boards needed lead to be put on them to make them heavier!
Looking at the results you have to say the fiercest competition was in the DII. Gold was up for the taking to the very last day when top sailors were just a couple of points apart. The finishing order was even closer. Alain Cadre from France won, followed by his teammate Nicolas le Gal, who had the same number of points as Omar Juan Moreno from Spain.

In the Raceboard Women and Men fleets it was also the French winning. This time decisively. Both Jeanne Mailhos and Nicolas Huguet won the majority of the races and were sure of their victory before the final start. For Jeanne, as she said, it was a first competitive start in some time. Nicolas however defended his title from Cadiz. 
Second in the women’s’ fleet was Farah Hall from USA and third Anto Dominguez la Balilla from Spain. In the men’s’ it was Toni Colomar Torres (ESP) in second and the bronze medal went to another French sailor - Christophe Boutet. The French clearly dominating the fleet. 

Next up for the Raceboard class are the Worlds, held this year for the first time in Brisbane, Australia. 40 sailors are already registered for the event, which will take place December.

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