Thunder stopped the fun.

The Race Committee started of the day with the intention to catch up on the races. Especially for the ladies, who were trailing, with only one race completed in the regatta.
Unfortunately, the weather was not in favour of the organisers today and a strong thunderstorm with lighting stopped the racing after just one completed for Raceboard Men, Women and the DII class. “Bizarre” was the word used by the organisers in reference to the storm itself. As it turns out not a usual sight in Brest.     

Safety came in first and the Race Committee decided to postpone all races till the next day. 

We have no changes in the lead for any of the fleets, with the French sailors leading Men, Women and DII. However, we still have plenty of races to go and we have some really good sailors who will fight for the medals.

Tonight we are into a treat of welcoming sailing Olympic medallists in a special ceremony organised by the city council. Tomorrow we start with the Skippers’ Meeting at 9:30 and a plan to conduct as many races as can be possibly done.